Have you ever wanted to learn how to transfer images onto your ceramics?

A Video Workshop with Pinkkiss Pottery

Hi, my name's Shawna Pincus.,
And in this workshop, I’m going to teach you:

✔ How to make your images (by hand or by computer)

✔ How to get started without expensive screen printing equipment

✔ How to transfer your images onto your ceramics and let your imagination flow.


Imagination is something often ignored in our busy modern lives...
However, if creativity is fostered, stories and narratives can be found all around us.

My work is about creating everyday ceramic objects rich with patterns, images, and text, which spark the imagination of their user.

Hand building allows me to connect with the clay on an intimate level as each piece records the process of creation.

The addition of slips and imagery is inspired by historical folk pottery found throughout the world yet speaks of my life and personal experiences living in Baltimore.

Through my work, I hope to elevate this humble ceramic material and primitive process into something to be discovered and cherished. I hope to encourage the exploration of a mug or plate and promote a daydream while simply sipping a cup of coffee or serving cookies to a friend.

After this Workshop, you could be making beautiful items like these:

Live Workshop & Q&A Starts at 10:00 PDT 9th August 2020.


You get:

✔ My Video Workshop (45 minutes)
You have lifetime access to my pre-recorded workshop, and can watch it online, or download it to your device to watch offline.

✔ Equipment List as a PDF download.
Here I have listed all the things you need to get started right away, and the links to buy them online, in one easy printable PDF document.

✔ How to make your own Gelli Plate Recipe
I'll show you how to make your own Gelli plate at home!

✔ Live Demo & Q&A with me: 10:00 PDT 9th August 2020.
We will meet up online to give you a live demo and answer all of your questions 🙂
There will be a replay available in case you can't make it live.

✔ Raffle for one of my mugs!
I am giving away one of my mugs (see below!) all you have to do to enter is purchase this workshop before August 1st.